A Dignified 9-Step Cremation Process

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Losing a loved one is one of the hardest experiences in life. Simply Cremations is dedicated to helping families navigate this complicated process. We take this responsibility seriously. Dignity is not something you can purchase.

At Simply Cremation & Funeral Care, we strive to give each family we serve a dignified cremation that is helpful, caring and clear. We handle the details so your family can focus on celebrating the life and cherishing the memory of your loved one.

Dignified cremation process

  1. Our caring professionals will place an ID bracelet on your loved one at the place of passing (unless an accurate one is already present). If the family is not present, we will ask the staff to confirm the identity of your loved one even if an ID bracelet is already present.
  2. We bring your loved one safely into our care in a discreet and private vehicle.
  3. We create a unique, personalized record in our system when your loved one arrives at our secure facility.
  4. We ensure that personal items (e.g., rings, necklaces, wallets, other possessions) are removed, labeled and placed into a secure and private locker for retrieval at your convenience.
  5. A cremation container is labeled with your loved one’s name and date of passing before they are carefully and caringly placed inside.
  6. Your loved one is safely kept in our secure, temperature-controlled facility until transportation to the crematory is secured. During this time, we will obtain all necessary approvals and permits.
  7. The tag on the cremation container, the ID bracelet, and the crematory paperwork are matched before transportation and cremation occur, for added security and peace of mind.
  8. A fireproof metal tag with a unique number follows your loved one through the process to ensure proper identification.
  9. This metal tag is kept with the cremated remains, and your family will have the cremains and tag in your possession forever.