An Affordable End of Life Option

A woman holds a lily next to an urn.

It’s hard enough when someone dies. On top of the sorrow and sadness, there are decisions to be made, services to be planned, and family members to notify. It all happens too quickly. And unfortunately, it can be costly both for those making the decisions and those traveling to the services from far away. Many times, a week or two later, those left behind find themselves without a clear recollection of the choices made or the services. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Simply Cremations offers families across West Michigan another, more affordable cremation alternative.

Loved ones often appreciate the affordability and flexibility cremation offers. Simply Cremations begin at just $995 in the Great Grand Rapids area (including Holland) and Kent County. Once you choose affordable cremation, our experienced and caring staff is available as much or as little as you wish if you need assistance planning memorial services. There are several options for services.

Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service for your departed loved one can even include a time of visitation for friends and loved ones utilizing an affordable rental casket.

Memorial or Celebration of Life Service

If you prefer, more personal services can take place after the cremation. By setting a later date, friends and relatives who live further away are permitted to make affordable travel arrangements. While families often choose to spread their loved one’s ashes, they can also be kept in an urn or buried.


Everyone grieves differently. Choosing an affordable cremation over the typical burial process, allows you to privately grieve their loved one’s passing in whatever way you deem most appropriate.

With Simply Cremations, we always treat your loved one with the utmost respect and dignity.

It’s hard enough when a loved one dies. When that time comes, allow the caring staff at Simply Cremations to help you through those first few difficult days. Dedicated to providing professional and affordable cremation services to the West Michigan community, Simply Cremations is available whenever you need us.