What Do You Need to Know About Headstones?

An engraver etches the dates into a black headstone. Can you have a headstone if you are cremated?

You may not know exactly what to consider when you are selecting a headstone for either you or a loved one, but including a headstone into your planning can help make things a little easier. As you go through planning arrangements, there are some things to know about headstones that will help the process. But can you have a headstone if you are cremated?

Headstones are not only for traditional burials, but can also be used to memorial a loved one after cremation. The two most common materials used to make a headstone are granite and marble. The classic granite features allow it to withstand both the heat and the cold, as well as all the moisture that comes in all seasons. Marble looks great after a good polish, but does not hold up as well against the elements.

The length of the process will vary, but know that if you start the planning process earlier, you can get a better understanding of the timeline. Headstones take time, and even a headstone with minimal designs can take weeks. More elaborate designs could make that process longer, lasting a couple months.

Some designs allow for the addition of photographs. If you so desire to add a photograph to a headstone, talk with the provider about options for monument design to see if it is workable. Either way, speak with the headstone provider to know what all of your options are.

Purchasing a headstone takes more than planning, but it will also require a bit of documentation. For placing a headstone, expect to fill out marker authorization forms, photo release forms, setting forms, and concrete border release forms.

Regardless if the choice is a traditional burial or a cremation, a headstone is an option to better memorialize a loved one. Discussing headstone options during the pre-planning phase can help answer some questions. Pre-planning can begin anytime, and will provide clear, accurate guidance for family members on funeral arrangements. Deciding beforehand provides time to consider complex emotional decisions about the reality of death.

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