Courteous and Professional Cremation Service Options

Cremation service

Simply Cremations is the leader of cremation services in Michigan because our experts promise respect.

Our staff is dedicated to taking care of each detail, including the prompt filing of required permits and notifications. The accurate completion of these essential documents will ensure their acceptance by local and state agencies and also guarantees that your loved one’s cremation will not be delayed.

We show great care in timely completion of the cremation process, and your loved one will be attended to by our certified crematory operators, each of whom has been trained to provide both compassionate care for the deceased, and strict attention to detail throughout the cremation process.

Simply Cremations offers three cremation service options in Michigan, and each can be changed to meet your needs.

The traditional cremation service is much like a traditional funeral. The body of the deceased, placed in a specially selected cremation casket or a rental casket, is the focal point of the service. A visitation can take place before the funeral service, and the cycle is completed with the cremation rather than a traditional burial. Once the cremation has occurred, the cremated remains are returned to your family.

A memorial gathering can be held after the cremation has taken place, and it can occur after the cremation process.

The last option is a direct cremation. After all required paperwork and transportation of the deceased to the crematory, a direct cremation can occur.

With countless years of experience, Simply Cremations has helped and served many families. Because it can be a troubling time after the passing of a loved one, we will be patient and will take all the time you may need to make an informed decision.

The end of life is merely that–the end. With Simply Cremations, the time following a death can be simple too. When that time comes, directly call 616-455-6838; we are available 24 hours a day.