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Where Can You Scatter Ashes?

What you wish to do with the ashes is up to you. You can then hold a memorial service, or choose scattering ashes in a separate ceremony.

Cremation and Funeral Cost Breakdown

Most people are unfamiliar with the world of funeral planning and burial choices until they suddenly need to make decisions. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially while you’re also grieving. Everything that goes into planning a funeral, and the...

Your Locally Trusted Cremation Service Provider

According to the National Directory of Morticians Redbook, there are roughly 19,000 funeral homes in the United States, and more than 600 of them are in Michigan. With so many options available, how do you choose the right Michigan cremation company for...

Understanding the Cremation Process

You may be able to lighten your burden by understanding the cremation process. Cremation does not eliminate holding a funeral or memorial service.

The Importance of Planning a Cremation

The cost of cremation planning is also favorable to that of a traditional burial. In 2017, the national median cost of a viewing and burial was $7,360.

Choosing a Cremation Storage Vessel

There are several important criteria to consider when choosing a cremation urn for your loved one. Fortunately, this guide will help.


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