Cremation is on the Rise in America

A snow covered cemetery. Cremation is becoming more popular than traditional burials in the cremation vs burial debate.

Just 10 years ago, the percentage of cremation vs burial favored the traditional burial. In 2010, 53.3 percent of Americans chose burial, whereas 40.4 percent chose cremation. Five years later, cremation took over as the more popular choice, and now it is projected that more than half of Americans will choose cremation in 2010.

Those rates will continue to rise, for many reasons. As the trend continues, the National Funeral Directors Association predicts that by 2040, nearly three-quarters of people will choose cremation, far surpassing the projected 15 percent of burials.

A prime reason for this trend is the cost. People choose cremation instead of burial because it costs less. A direct cremation can cost two-thirds less than a traditional funeral and burial. It is not uncommon to see the cost of a burial rise as we make different choices.

They also see cremation is also as a more convenient option. Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming ordeal, especially on the loved ones who are going through a tough time. Some conveniences of cremation include the quicker process, receiving the ashes afterwards, and having the time to decide what to do with the ashes.

Trying to get the family and friends together for a funeral can be difficult, especially for those that need to travel a great distance. When choosing a cremation, you give that family more time to plan.

They also see the process of cremation is also as a less traditional option. A casket burial and funeral service is oftentimes associated with religious tradition. For those that don’t want a religious service, they feel that there is not a need for a casket burial either. A cremation and memorial service offers the chance for a unique experience, catered toward remembering the life of a loved one.

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