Delivering a Memorable Eulogy

Delivering a eulogy can be a nerve-wracking experience. A Microphone stands before an onlooking funeral crowd.

Finding the right words to say can be difficult, no matter what the situation. But when delivering a eulogy, there are no wrong words, as long as the ones you speak are heartfelt and meaningful. No eulogy will ever be perfect, but knowing how to write a eulogy and delivering a eulogy can help friends and family grieve easier for their loved one.

Consider the people when writing the eulogy, both your loved one that you are writing about, and the audience that you are addressing. Think about how the audience will feel when listening to the eulogy. A lot of them are grieving the loss, but that does not mean you have to be completely mournful. Try to be uplifting, and the audience may be grateful.

When talking about the deceased, try to share some of the best memories. Perhaps there is a memorable story that truly showcases who they were. Try to sum up their life with the cheerful things and the sad things, but really showcase the things that made them unique.

Decide on the tone as you write the eulogy. This also means that you need to understand that you are addressing the deceased’s loved ones and family. The circumstances of the loved one’s death could also determine what the tone will be.

After you finish writing the eulogy, it would also be a good idea to receive feedback. They can let you know if you have maybe forgotten to include something, straighten up some facts, and even clear up any parts that may have been confusing. Once the writing process is complete, rehearse the eulogy before speaking to the crowd.

As you deliver the eulogy, body language says just as much as your words. Stand up and speak slowly and clearly. Be conversational in tone and try to memorize as much as you can so you are not always reading from a card. If you are overcome with emotion, there is no need to hide it. Take a few breaths to recollect yourself, as nobody will judge you for how you feel on that day.

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