Funeral Visitations: What Should You Say?

Funeral visitation etiquette covers many areas, including flowers to adorn the casket, cards, and knowing what to say to loved ones.

If someone invites you to a visitation, you may have a moment where you cannot find the right words to say. You might be unfamiliar with the tradition and proper funeral visitation etiquette, and will find it stressful. 

Trying to figure out the right things to say at a funeral visitation can be stressful, especially if you have not given it much time before arriving. Rehearsing what you will say and how you will speak to the grieving family can make you feel less nervous, especially if you keep your comments brief.

If you are close with the family, you can share a memory that you had with a loved one. If you don’t know them well, then it is wise to introduce yourself, and tell them how you know the deceased. Share a heart-felt compliment and say you are sorry for their loss.

Avoid talking about how you feel, because the family is dealing with their own grief and sadness. It should not be their job to console you. Also, be conscious of other guests waiting to speak to the family.

As an invited guest, you are welcome to attend during the visitation hours, and how long you should stay depends on your relationship with the family of the deceased. It is not uncommon for close friends to stay the entire time or to see acquaintances or coworkers stay for a shorter amount of time.

As for what you should wear, anything that you would wear to the funeral should be the same attire for the visitation. However, you may need to choose something that is more appropriate for the venue, especially if the visitation is outdoors at a park or garden. 

The time after a loved one’s death can be difficult, which is why Simply Cremation & Funeral Care is available to assist you. Our mission is to offer excellence in our service while providing the compassion, sincerity & understanding needed by families we serve.