Handling an Out-of-State Death

Handling a death away from home will often need travel arrangements for the deceased. A hearse in front of a funeral home.

When a loved one has a death away from home, preparation and transport are the first steps when dealing with the situation of an out-of-state death. Going on a trip requires a lot of planning, such as travel arrangements and what to pack. No matter how prepared you are for the journey, the death of a loved one while away is not typically something people expect.

The burden is already heavy enough, but the arrangements required can exacerbate the process. The laws are different for each state, but many require the body embalming before crossing state lines. Traveling with remains can be by ground or by plane, depending on the distance.

You can make these arrangements easier with the help of a mortuary or shipping funeral home in the city where the death took place. This funeral home will assist you by taking care of all necessary documentation, preparation, and transportation arrangements.

Some families may also choose an out-of-state cremation, which the funeral home can also perform. If the deceased has already made their wishes known to be cremated, this can simplify the process. This can also make travel easier, and will allow the family to hold a funeral or memorial service once they return home.

Easing the burden further, and giving you peace of mind, is to know exactly what you or your loved one wants at the time of death. Simply Cremations and Funeral Care can help with these decisions and any step you take along the pre-planning process.

The end of a life does not mean the end of a journey, and Simply Cremation & Funeral Care is available to assist you. Our mission is to offer excellence in our service while providing the compassion, sincerity & understanding needed by families we serve.