Memorial Services

Unlike a traditional funeral, a memorial service is a gathering where a casket is not present, although the urn containing cremated remains may be on display. A memorial service can be held weeks or even months after cremation and funeral care have occurred.

A memorial service can be held in a church, funeral home, community hall or other public gathering place. An area of importance to the deceased and family may also be chosen. Memorial services typically include music, selected readings and a eulogy. Cremation and funeral care memorial services can be further personalized as a celebration-of-life depending on family wishes or pre-planned specifications.

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Memorial Service Inspiration

Our experience has shown us that many families desire more than traditional cremation and funeral care. Arrangements can be personalized by incorporating individual traits, hobbies, and lifestyle characteristics of the deceased. Displaying photographs or staging the event around a favorite pastime will make a memorial service more personal and meaningful.

If a personalized memorial service suits the needs of your family, we suggest you consider the following questions when planning a service:

  • What did your loved one like to do?

  • What was he or she like as an individual?

  • What was their profession and how did that shape their lives?

  • Was your loved one spiritual?

  • Was he or she proud of their cultural or ethnic heritage?