Religion and Cremation

Religious Beliefs About cremation may differ wildly, like this Hindu cremation procession, which is more accepted than other religions.

Every person is unique, and the celebration of life should be unique. After the passing of a loved one, you may have many questions. One of those questions is if cremation is the right choice for you or your loved one, and if the service lines up with you or your loved one’s religious beliefs about cremation.

When you have questions about your religion’s stance on cremation, consult with your pastor, priest, or spiritual advisor. Throughout the years, religious teachings respond to societal factors. What you might think is taboo now may one day be normal, or vice versa.

Many religious sects have different views on cremation. Some have had strict rules against it, while others continue to accept cremation services.

The Catholic Church once forbade cremation, but the Church began to relax the rules back in the 1960s. They updated those guidelines in October 2016, clarifying that cremation is acceptable, but you should not scatter the ashes or keep in an urn at home. Instead, they must be in a sacred place, such as a church cemetery.

Protestants have long accepted cremation and will leave the decision to cremated entirely up to the individual. The Eastern Orthodox Church, however, does not permit cremation. However, under certain circumstances the Church may permit cremation, but a priest must approve the process.

For those of the Jewish faith, the rules for cremation over burial depend on the Judaism practiced. Orthodox Jews strictly forbid cremation, Conservative Jews prefer burial, but it permits cremation, and Reform Jews permit cremation and the practice is becoming increasingly popular.

The Islam religion strictly prohibits cremation, and burial is the only acceptable practice. It does not permit Muslims to take part in any cremation service.

Buddhists allow cremation, and ceremonial aspects of the funeral remain the same regardless of the decision to cremate or bury the deceased.

Cremation is the preferred method for the Hindu religion, with the exception for babies, children, and saints. The Hindu exception allows burial for people who are deemed pure and unattached to their bodies.

Just as all people are unique and diverse, your decision to have a cremation service is a personal choice. While religion may provide some answers to your questions, Simply Cremations & Funeral Care can help guide you in those decisions. We are also there to help you along the entire cremation process, starting with the pre-planning stages.

Simply Cremation & Funeral Care is available to assist you. Our mission is to offer excellence in our service while providing the compassion, sincerity & understanding needed by families we serve.