Remember Your Furry Friend With a Pet Cremation

Pet cremation can be just as caring and supportive as that of any human. A memorial service for a departed golden retriever.

Saying goodbye to a friend can be an arduous process, even when that friend has four legs. In fact, many pet owners consider their pet to be their best friend. So why not treat your best friend with the dignity they deserve? 

A special way that you can memorialize your pet and honor their memory is through a pet cremation. It can be a troublesome time to process the loss of a loved one and deciding about what to do next can also be quite hard. If possible, it is best to make a plan before your pet’s passing.

Making a plan early makes not only the process more simple, but it allows you to grieve in peace and not have to worry about figuring out which options to choose after passing. Also, this prevents your pet from a communal cremation, where they will be cremated with other pets and you will not receive any remains. 

When you request a private cremation, your pet is cremated alone, and you can keep the remains. Once you receive the remains, you can choose to place them in an urn to memorialize them, or you may scatter their remains in a place that holds special meaning.

You may have many questions regarding your pet’s cremation, which can include asking who will coordinate the cremation, if it will be private, how and when you will receive your pet’s remains, and what keepsakes are offered. 

Knowing the answers to these questions will better help guide you to your decision, so do not be afraid to ask these or questions. If you have questions about pet cremation, you can ask your veterinarian, or you can ask the cremation professionals at Simply Cremation and Funeral Care. 

As the preferred local provider for excellent funeral and cremation services, Simply Cremation and Funeral Care also provides the compassion, sincerity and understanding your family needs. Our mission is to provide personalized, caring service when you need it most. Whether you wish to set up an affordable cremation now or at the time of death, we are available to assist you. For more information, call Simply Cremation and Funeral Care today at 616-455-6838.