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We offer three cremation services in Michigan. Each with a different cremation cost associated that can also be modified to meet your needs. They include:

  • Transportation From Place Of Death
  • Required Authorizations and Permits
  • Social Security Notification
  • Obituary Listed On Our Website
  • Care and Respect For Your Loved One
  • Cremation Performed By Licensed Crematorium
  • Cremated Remains Provided In Basic Container
  • View alternative urns

Courteous, Professional Services

for your specific needs

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Our Service Options

Private family viewing

Everything you’ll need for a cremation along with an opportunity for you and your family to say goodbye. Please contact us about your specific situation.
$ 350
  • Private Viewing Area Maximum of 10 people
  • 45 minutes
  • No embalming
  • Includes peace container
  • Care and respect for your loved one


Everything you’ll need for a cremation without any extras or any surprises. Our expert staff will guide you through the entire process with care and support.
$ 995
  • Transportation from place of death in Kent County
  • Required authorizations and permits
  • Social Security notification
  • Obituary listed on our website
  • Care and respect for your loved one
  • Cremation performed by licensed crematorium
  • Cremated remains provided in basic container

Simple Cremation
& Memorial Service

This option gives you all the necessary tools and extras needed for a memorial service at our funeral home or a location of your choosing.
$ 2,595
  • Our expert staff to arrange your celebration of life memorial service
  • Any of our metal urns
  • Memorial folders, register book and thank you cards
  • Transportation from place of death
  • Required authorizations and permits
  • Social Security notification
  • Obituary listed on our website
  • Care and respect for your loved one
  • Cremation performed by licensed crematorium

Extra Care Items

Express Courier Service

We understand that you may need help completing some of the necessary and arduous tasks. In addition to the basic cremation cost, we’ll order Death Certificates, pick them up directly from the County Clerk’s Office and deliver them to the Cremains right to your door. This option provides prompt service and allows time to settle your affairs.

*$200 plus Cost of Certified Copies

Service Package

Our Service Package is a great option for those who are planning a service but may not know where to get all those things you need for a service. Included are 100 memorial folders, register book, thank-you cards and professional printing. With a variety of options and professional printing, you’re sure to have a beautiful addition to your memorial service.

*$250 plus Tax

Website Obituary

We offer obituary placement on our website with a picture and service details (if available). If you have your obituary already written out and ready, send it to us and we’ll place it on our website. This is a great tool for sharing via social media and also receiving comments from friends and family.

Our Promise

Our dedicated staff will take care of all details, including the prompt filing of required permits and notifications. Accurate completion of these essential documents not only ensures their acceptance by local or state agencies; it guarantees your loved one’s cremation will not be delayed.

Your loved one will be attended to by certified crematory operators; each of whom has been trained to provide both compassionate care for the deceased, and conscientious attention to detail throughout the cremation process

It’s important for the families we serve to know their loved one will come home as soon as possible. That’s why we promise to notify you as soon as their cremains become available and safeguard their urn until you are ready to receive them.

There are many advantages to taking some time to remember the life lived, share stories and laugh about all of the memories. Our team can help you plan a fitting memorial service with or without the cremation urn present, at our facility or in a place of your choosing.