Traveling With Remains

Traveling with remains may not mean a special spreading ceremony, but no matter the destination, some steps must be followed.

Many times, certain locations instill some of our fondest memories. Perhaps you and your family took the same road trip every year, or enjoyed camping under the stars, or maybe escaped the cold winter to vacation on the beach. Even though you may not make those same trips after losing a loved one, you can still celebrate his or her life and those shared experiences by traveling with the remains.

Cremated remains can be taken with you to those special places, and you can lay to rest that special person. As long as you are following the correct guidelines and restrictions for scattering ashes, you can hold a memorial service miles and miles away from home.

The most simple way to travel with remains is to keep them with you. You can keep the remains with you during a long drive or even bring them onto a plane as long as they meet airline and Transportation Security Administration guidelines. If you are traveling by car, the paperwork provided by your cremation service provider should be sufficient.

However, there are factors that need to be considered before you plan your journey. Several documents, such as a burial transit permit, a death certificate, a certificate of cremation, and other country-specific authorization forms may be required depending on your destination.

You may bring remains on a plane either as cargo, carry-on, or checked luggage. Prior to flying, check with the airline so you know their exact policies, and check with licensed funeral directors at both your origin of travel and your destination in case any local laws need to be considered.

If the remains are not traveling with you, you can ship them via the United States Postal Service. There are strict packaging requirements for shipping remains and indicate what the contents are on the outside of the box.

When shipping internationally, contact the embassy for your destination country or research to see what steps need to be taken, or if there are any forms required. And as with all travel, give yourself plenty of time so things are processed correctly before traveling.

The end of a life does not mean the end of a journey. Whether you keep the cremated remains with you, or to scatter them somewhere special, Simply Cremation & Funeral Care can help guide you in those decisions. We are also there to help you along the entire cremation process, starting with the pre-planning stages.

Simply Cremation & Funeral Care is available to assist you. Our mission is to offer excellence in our service while providing the compassion, sincerity & understanding needed by families we serve.