What Do You Need to Know About a Funeral Visitation?

An 'In Remembrance' not you may receive during a funeral visitation, with a red rose on top.

A funeral visitation is when family members and friends gather with the family of the deceased in a more personal setting, rather than at the hectic times at the end of the funeral or memorial service. If you have ever attended a traditional funeral, odds are it includes an invitation to the visitation. 

The opportunity for holding a funeral visitation allows friends and family to pay their respects, and if you were close to the deceased, we recommend that you attempt to attend. Before you go, there may be some things you should know about visitations.

Sometimes visitations are private events for only the family members and closest friends, and those visitations are common when the family experiences immense grief and would rather not greet and host a lot of guests. Otherwise, anyone who knew the deceased or is close to the family is welcome to attend the visitation.

Visitations are typically at the church or the funeral home, and may take place either before the actual funeral or memorial service. The family may also combine a viewing with a visitation, where the deceased is present in an open casket.

They might invite you to a visitation at a family member’s home or even a restaurant. If there was a place special to the deceased, then the option to hold a visitation there is a possibility.

These days, fewer families display the deceased in an open casket because they chose not to embalm — the family focuses more on photographs and memories, or any other reason. 

Whether you are hosting or attending a funeral visitation, Simply Cremation and Funeral Care wants to help you get through troubling times. Our mission is to offer excellence in our service while providing the compassion, sincerity & understanding needed by families we serve.